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5 Reasons You Need to Visit Thailand

Thailand is a much loved and well known holiday destination. People love to visit the cultural land during summers, come December season; it may not be their top choice. Little do people know that December is the prime time to go to Thailand and peak season of its tourism. And the reasons are well enough to persuade anyone to go there and have a good time.


The weather of Thailand in December is at its finest. For people who are not extreme winter lovers or desire a break from cold, windy breezes can always visit Thailand. The radiant weather offers its people lots of sunshine, pleasant winds and maybe a little rainfall. However, the temperatures are always wonderful and calm and you can enjoy all the outdoor activities.

The weather sets the mood for all of the activities and plans that visitors set in Thailand. With great relaxing weather, the islands are at their best. From ample sun to fine breezes, you can enjoy your resort stay at any island – particularly Ko Phi Phi, Phuket and Ko Lanta. Even the water activities become greater to enjoy from diving to snorkeling and water sports. Even you plan a visit to any of the islands, make sure to make a reservation before-hand!

Holiday season is always a special time in people’s lives. It can be a great opportunity to spend it differently at a different place. If yes, then Thailand is an ideal place to go. It may not offer the usual New York style Christmas mood but it’s very different. From the decor in shopping malls and streets. The best thing really is the evening time and night life during Christmas week. Filled up restaurants, new people, exotic dishes and extremely extravagant clubs. A fusion of exoticism, thrill, adventure and plain excitement, nightlife in Thailand is unique. Probably the best feature of Thailand in this time is meeting new people.

It is the best time to stroll around, be it streets or the lush jungles. The new people and the exquisite-almost perfect weather make it wonderful to enjoy the walking and discovering. The Khao Yai national park is a pleasure to visit, specially the elephant rides. Even museums and temple tours become better with the weather and the new people. You get a chance to befriend locals and people from other continents and even your own home towns.

The delicious food is reason enough to run to a place. Thai cuisines have been famous for long now. The greatest food comes from the street carts and vendors, who serve up the tastiest, spiciest food in the country ranging from salads to meaty dishes. The sea food has an amazing variety too and given that December is almost monsoon brings in extra range of fish that turn into finer dishes, from the streets to high end restaurants. Imagine a fine dinner in Christmas week with a great breeze!

The biggest thing to note is that if one decides to go Thailand for a vacation in this time, you need to make your reservation way before hand due to high visitation and peak tourism time.

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